For a student, Who fears mathematics and has registered that it’s a subject meant only for the people with a high level of intelligence, it really takes patience to remove that thought in my head. A teacher is just not meant to teach the subject, but also needs to make a student fall in love with it and dive deeper into the subject and enjoy working with it. Elite Mentors have made me realize this. The simple techniques and methods with which you approach a problem are unique and it always made me feel the subject is not that hard after all. My self-confidence had a transformation and I owe it all to you. It’s ok to make mistakes, but remember what you learn from each time you make a mistake – this is something which you used to tell and I can never forget that. The way you divide a particular problem into modules and conquer it step by step is something which I will always remember. A good teacher needs to be able to describe a problem in several different ways, if a student does not understand it and you have always shown the willingness to do it. You could recognize by strengths and weaknesses and carefully convert every topic into my strength.You also make the atmosphere in which we are learning a two way communication, which is very important.Thank you for being so compassionate and so very supportive. You are my favourite teacher and will always be. Thank you again for everything. I am truly blessed to be your student. I got a GRE score of 331 and I am now doing my MS in California