Team / Faculty

Rohit Maiya
Senior Counselor
Subject(s): English, Math, Statistics, Economics and Business Studies.

Vandana Singh
M Sc in Math
Subject(s): Math, Physics and Statistics.

Deepthi Saini
Ph.D in Chemistry
Subject(s): Chemistry and Biology.
Has a Ph. D to her name, is a mother of 2 and her youth and optimism makes her a treat of a teacher and a mentor.
She comes with over a decade of solid experience with great interpersonal skills.

Chaitra Hegde
M Sc in Physics
Subject(s): Math and Physics.
A topper in her class and comes with an abundance of subject knowledge.
Is young and vibrant and is ready for a challenge.

Subject(s): Math and Physics.
A math and Physics Genius, is a strong believer in God and an avid reader.

Vandana Sarkar
Subject(s): English.
A go to person with a great sense of discipline and organizing skills.
She is a mother to a beautiful daughter and is a Verbal expert.