About GMAT

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized test that B-school aspirants need to take if they are looking to join an accredited MBA program. GMAT scores are valid for a period of 5 years, and the test has the stamp of approval of leading B-schools across the world. Admissions committees do consider many such factors, including grades, transcripts, skills, work experience, essays, resume, and interview, the GMAT score is a critical criterion to get into a competitive B-school.

GMAT sectionNo. of questionsTimingQuestion typesScore
Analytical Writing Assessment1 topic30 minutesAnalysis of an Argument0-6 in half-point intervals
Integrated Reasoning12 items30 minutesMulti-Source Reasoning, Graphics Interpretation,Score 1 -8
Two-Part Analysis, Table Analysis
8 minute break
Quantitative37 questions75 minutesData Sufficiency0-60
Problem Solving
8 minute break
Verbal41 questions75 minutesReading Comprehension0-60
Critical Reasoning
Sentence Correction
Total4 sections3hours, 30 minutes200-800 (in 10 point intervals )
More About GMAT

The Analytical Writing Assessment or AWA section presents an argument that needs to be critiqued. The AWA section assesses the ability of the test taker to dismantle the argument, debunk the flawed reasoning present and suggest ways to improve the argument. The AWA score is reported in the official Score Report received within 20 calendar days of testing. The mean AWA score is 4.3.

The Integrated Reasoning Section or IR consists of 12 main items, some with several sub-sets of questions that test the quantitative and critical reasoning skills of the test taker. This section is a good mix of mathematical and reasoning questions presented in a text, tabular or graphic format or a combination of these formats culled from a variety of sources. An on-screen calculator is available in only this section of the GMAT. The mean IR score is 4.3.

The Quantitative Section consists of 37 questions. The level of math tested is not higher than that of the 11th grade exam; however, the reasoning that needs to be employed to tackle the questions is multifaceted. Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving questions form the core of this section. Scores below 7 and above 50 are rare; the Quant mean score is 38 points.

The Verbal Reasoning Section consists of 41 questions and is perhaps the bête-noire of many test takers. Strong knowledge of grammar and a flair for inductive reasoning is mandatory for a great score. Scores below 9 and above 44 are rare; the Verbal mean scaled score is 27 points.

The GMAT is offered on most weekdays throughout the year, as well as on a few Saturdays. You can write the exam only once in a given month and a maximum of 5 times in a year.

GMAT Courses

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